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From Design to Installation: “Made in Florim” Ventilated Rainscreen Facades

The choice of materials and cladding techniques for building facades is critical in contemporary design: as building covering is most constantly exposed to bad weather and represent an important tool for defining the building’s aesthetic identity. How do you choose the most appropriate solution for your project’s needs?


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Agno ventilated rainscreen facade

Agno ventilated rainscreen facade - Lugano (CH)
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Florim Solutions

Florim Solutions, the Florim Group’s project division, responds by offering designers the use of the porcelain ventilated rainscreen facade system, the ideal solution for combining the high performance of Florim’s products with requirements for sustainable energy in modern buildings, encompassing aesthetic quality, functionality, the lightness and strength of porcelain.

And not just that. By making their deep knowledge of materials and the technical expertise of its specialist team of engineers and architects available, Florim Solutions offers its complete and dedicated support to clients, from the choice of materials, to the structural inspections, up to the implementation of the facade system, to provide turnkey solutions.

“Made in Florim” Ventilated Rainscreen Facades

The ventilated rainscreen facade with Florim porcelain tiles is a type of cladding particularly recommended for achieving high technical and energy performance, in both new constructions and redevelopments. From the structural point of view, ventilated rainscreen facades are presented as a cantilevered multilayer system formed by a porcelain tile mechanically fixed to the perimeter frame by an aluminium support. Thanks to this particular technical construction, the surface of the cladding remains separate from the wall, enabling the continual flow of air that leads to significant benefits in terms of breathability and a decrease in thermal load.


Centura ventilated rainscreen facade

Centura ventilated rainscreen facade  - Quebec City (CA)
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Here, in detail, are the various design stages and technical support offered by Florim Solutions to assist in the creation of ventilated rainscreen facades using porcelain tiles:

Feasibility study

In the preliminary stages, Florim’s team of experts inspect the technical-economical feasibility of the project and develop a specific customised proposal based on the client’s needs.

Finishes and formats

Starting with the compositional goals that the project aims to achieve, Florim Solutions assists the client in choosing the optimal finishes and formats of porcelain tiles for the project’s end result.


Once the external panel is chosen, the most suitable type of structure for the client is defined in detail. The anchoring system for the slabs consists of a metallic structure fixed to the outer wall on which the porcelain cladding is applied using visible or concealed hooks.


By making use of the most modern design and digital modeling tools, Florim Solutions offers complete support during the structural design phase for the ventilated rainscreen system: from graphics processing to the drafting of calculation reports and maintenance plans. All carried out in compliance with the local technical regulations in force.

Works supervision

If charged with carrying out the technical design and installation of a ventilated rainscreen facade or raised floor, the Florim Solutions team will carefully monitor and verify the work on site. It will guarantee the continual updating of pertinent documentation and the scheduling of deadlines according to the needs of the client.


Florim Solutions follows the project up to the concluding phase of the installation of the materials, carried out by teams of specialised workers, selected by Florim technicians on behalf of the client and with up-to-date training in relation to the installation of large format porcelain slabs.

Large Variety of Formats and Finishes

The use of Florim porcelain stoneware as a cladding material makes a large variety of sizes and finishes available to designers that ensure maximum versatility and freedom of use in ventilated rainscreen facade designs. In particular, large format Magnum slabs, from 80 x 80 cm to 160 x 320 cm just 6mm thick, combine the lightness and high technical performances of porcelain stoneware with the qualities of aesthetic homogeneity, material continuity and elegance due to the juxtaposition of oversize surfaces.


Zamet Centre ventilated rainscreen facade

Zamet Centre ventilated rainscreen facade - Rijeka (HR)
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From the most essential collections of the Floor Gres brand to the sought-after luxury of the Rex brand, from the modern design of Casa Dolce Casa - Casamood to the versatility of Cerim, arriving at the artistic expression of CEDIT, Florim porcelain tiles for ventilated rainscreen facades leave ample space for the designers compositional creativity. They also help the modern-day reinterpretation of the relationship between the cladding and the structure, between the face and the soul of the building.

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