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How to Choose Swimming Pool Coverings with Florim’s Support

The design of a swimming pool requires a design-based approach and extremely precise execution by the technicians and designers. The choice of covering material and its location, the constant contact with water and its sanitising agents, walkability with bare feet, international standards concerning safety, and the filtering systems are factors to be taken into consideration to create a safe, efficient and lasting swimming pool installation.

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Florim Solutions

To assist designers in planning a state-of-the-art swimming pool, Florim Solutions makes the technical expertise of a team of specialist engineers available to its clients: from the feasibility study to the choice of coverings, to its installation. With 50 years of experience in the swimming pool sector, Florim provides complete construction systems, preventing critical issues from arising during the design process and ensuring the choice of the most appropriate applicable solution to the project’s end result.

The Advantages of “Made in Florim” Porcelain Tiles

Florim swimming pools combine versatility and structural solidity of reinforced cement with the technical and aesthetic characteristics of a porcelain tile covering. As an extremely compacted vitrified ceramic, it is particularly suitable for use in covering for the bottom, the sides and the external flooring of the pool. Its composition results in a higher resistance to the corrosive action of chlorine and to the static load exerted by the water on the structure. Its extremely low porosity results in its extreme impermeability, it is frost-proof, easy to clean and hygienic. It is insensitive to thermal shock and UV rays, it does not experience changes in volume depending on temperature and remains aesthetically unchanged over time. Additionally, thanks to its durability and to its method of installation, it is a reliable material over time, removable, reusable and easy to maintain.

The variety of colours, sizes and finishes of Florim’s products can be added to the technical-functional qualities of porcelain stoneware, specially produced with anti-slip features and also usable as a poolside covering and for special elements.

Outdoor pool with quartzite-effect porcelain stoneware both inside and outside it

Outdoor pool with quartzite-effect porcelain stoneware both inside and outside it, to combine aesthetics with technical characteristics - Pollina (IT)
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Overflow Gutter for Infinity Pools

When designing an infinity pool, this element, used for the collection and recovery of water, is what determines the definition of the pool that you intend to construct. Florim Solutions provides consultation concerning the most appropriate choice of overflow gutter for any project design, offering overflow or skimmer systems. In particular, the 60 cm modular-based Dolphin and Marea models combine the advantages of an ergonomic form that facilitates manual handholds, to the aesthetic qualities provided by the possibility of covering the drainage and recovery systems with the same finish used for the interior and exterior of the pool.


Choice of Coverings

At the same time that the technical characteristics of the installation are defined, Florim Solutions will support the designers in their choice of aesthetic finishes and sizes for the coating of the exterior floor, based on the specific project requirements and its intended use.

Public swimming pools

For public swimming pools, Florim offers tiled coverings in traditional dimensions, 12.5 x 25 cm made by the Floor Gres brand, available in white, turquoise, blue, ivory, navy blue and black, with smooth surfaces for grip tape or with anti-slip grips. Thanks to the most sophisticated technologies for water jet cutting, it is possible to use Florim products to create decorations on the interior and exterior surfaces of the pool: writing, numbers, brand names are graphically designed and achieved with the support of Florim Solutions.


Aqua Lublin sports complex

Aqua Lublin sports complex - Lublin (PL)
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Private pools

For pools for private residential, hotel and spa centre use, Florim provides solutions available in a vast range of aesthetic finishes and sizes. From the material plasticity of the Industrial, Ecotech, Geotech, Buildtech, Greentech, Airtech and Stontech 4.0 collections by the Floor Gres brand, to the warm, welcoming design of Argille 2.0, Icon Outdoor, Urban Style, Wooden Tile and Motion by Casa Dolce Casa - Casamood, from the versatility of Maps, Antique Marble, Natural Stone, Rethink, Timeless and Artifact by Cerim, to the refined luxury of Rex’s Ardoise, La Roche, Matières, Pietra del Nord, Planches, Visions and Esprit.

For the pool exterior, you can count all of Florim’s collections with appropriate anti-slip properties, in any size up to 120x120 cm and 120x240 cm with R10 finishes with PTV > 36 adapted to projects that require high technical performance. All of Florim’s collections with UGL characteristics (non-enameled) can be used in a matt finish to cover the pool interior as well as in all available sizes, including the Magnum 160x320 cm (just 6 mm thick), a solution which opens up new scenarios for a great aesthetic impact in the context of pool design and spa spaces.


Villa ED - Private swimming pool


Villa ED - Private swimming pool

Outdoor and indoor pool designed with the Walks/1.0 collection by Floor Gres - Villa ED (IT)
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Examples of Applications

The large variety of products offered allows designers limitless compositional freedom and can offer sometimes innovative and surprising solutions, elevating the design of swimming pool installation to an highly-esteemed architecturally reality. The use of coordinated materials between the pool’s interior and exterior enables the creation of an elegant aesthetic continuity between the underwater and the dry flooring, as well as the harmonisation of the pool in its surrounding context.

The outdoor pool created on the occasion of the restoration of an ancient sports complex in the Arcevia countryside, near Ancona, represents a valid example where the texture of the porcelain tile flooring interacts with the masonry of the architectural construction, suggesting a unified overall image, with a dialogue between the old and the new.


Arcevia - Private swimming pool

Outdoor and indoor pool designed with the Pietre/2 collection by Casa dolce casa - Casamood
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Florim’s years of experience in pool design has led to examples of exceptional synthesis between aesthetic spectacle and high technical performance, as with the Y-40 pool at the Hotel Terme Millepini, Padua, the deepest in the world, the only thermal spring water scuba diving pool.


Y-40 swimming pool inside Hotel Terme Millepini

Y-40 swimming pool inside Hotel Terme Millepini; 40 meters deep and designed by Emanuele Boaretto with the support of Florim Solutions - Montegrotto Terme (IT)
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