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Florim is a stoneware production company with more than 50 years’ experience that, through passion and skill, has managed to establish itself on the international market. Its products stand out for their quality, technological advancement and style, such that the production of simple cladding has become a thing of the past, and we now only speak of genuine design objects.

Florim is of Italian origin and was established in the ceramics district in Fiorano Modenese (MO). Our collections exhibit all the high quality of Made in Italy: sensitivity to art and beauty, technical craftsmanship and attention to detail combined with industrial know-how.

The Florim brand that most emphasises these qualities is CEDIT - Ceramiche d’Italia (Italian Ceramics), a brand that came about through the company’s collaboration with internationally recognised Italian artists, architects and designers. These big names utilised the company’s advanced technologies to design porcelain stoneware collections of the highest quality at the front line in the sector.


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The results of this fruitful collaboration can be seen in the numerous awards won by the CEDIT collection. In 2019 the ARALDICA (heraldic) collection by Federico Pepe was awarded with honoree by the NYCxDESIGN Awards and recognition in the American interiors magazine that honours the best talent in design.


florim stoneware textures by Federico Pepe


In this collection, the Italian artist designed an orient-inspired texture that brought back the technique of marbling, with a coloured, psychedelic look. A marble-effect stoneware, with a polished but highly innovative and unconventional surface, resembling a pictorial technique. The artist included some decorative geometric motifs in the base structure that created a final result that recalls the theme of aristocratic coats of arms, hence the name of the collection.


orient-inspired marble effect stoneware

marble-effect stoneware by florim

Araldica Collection by Federico Pepe for CEDIT - Ceramiche d’Italia
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CEDIT is a hotbed of outstanding projects and collaborations: the Red Dot Award, received in 2019 for the Rilievi collection by Zaven is part of the catalogue of awards won by its collections. The three-dimensionality of the slabs breaks into the environment and conqueres the jury of internationally-acclaimed professionals who offered the following justification for their choice: The imaginative design of the Rilievi collection meets high standards in terms of both modern and artistic wall decoration. The same award was won in 2017 by the “Castello” product from the “Storie” collection – signed by designers Giorgia Zanellato & Daniele Bortotto.


castello product with florim stoneware

Castello product from the Storie collection by Giorgia Zanellato & Daniele Bortotto for CEDIT - Ceramiche d’Italia
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Two other award-winning Florim collections are Artwork from Casa dolce casa - Casamood and Étoile de Rex, both of which were finalists in the Hospitality Design Awards: one in the fifteenth and the other in the fourteenth edition of the prestigious recognition organised by the eponymous US magazine.

Artwork Casa dolce casa – Casamood is an ingenious reinterpretation of “Venetian battuto” (or terrazzo) and of Memphis Style created in Italy, then becoming an icon of ‘80s postmodern style. It transforms the old tradition into a new collection, with bold, distinguishing colours. The base nuances in white, black and grey tones alternate in a “Déco” pattern where strong colours like red, green and blue come into play. The collection also experiments with different grain sizes, ranging from micro- to macro-effects.


florim stoneware collection casa dolce casa

Artwork collection from Casa dolce casa – Casamood
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Étoile de Rex, on the other hand, is a collection that studies the rarity in a natural element: marble. Nuances of materials coming from distant geographic locations are brought to us and reinterpreted to give spaces the charm of earlier times. The collection presents inspirations from seven different marbles in numerous formats ranging from large slabs of 160x320 to tiles for mosaic, small walls or staggered slats.


marble nuances florim stoneware

Étoile de Rex Collection
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On the subject of large formats, the range of Magnum Oversize slabs was awarded by the prestigious Compasso d’Oro in 2016 with Honourable Mention. Technology, art, variety of possible applications: these are among the traits that brought this product to award status.

large format porcelain tiles florim

Formats available for the Florim Magnum Oversize slabs
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In 2018, another Florim collection was also awarded by the British design, fashion and lifestyle magazine “Wallpaper”: Flowtech from the Floor Gres brand. It was awarded by a jury of architects and fashion experts, for distinguishing itself by its unique surface, where an aesthetic selection of metals meets the technicality of porcelain stoneware.

Icons of industrial style, three unique tones were launched on the market (Russet, Aged Bronze and Burnished) with two thicknesses: 10 mm and 6 mm. The collection is composed of a wide range of formats: from 30x60 cm to large formats (120x240, 160x320…), including mosaic tiles and other decors. All of this variety of range offers vast planning possibilities to architects and designers.


large stoneware slabs Flowtech collection

Flowtech collection by Floor Gres
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Made in Florim is not just Made in Italy, but is also synonymous with highly prized, innovative products in the field of design. The company offers sophisticated collections at the top of the ceramic cladding category with style nuances of countless inspirations.

In this in-depth study we have selected some of the award-winning collections, but the aesthetic inspirations that Florim offers are many and varied: from wood effect to fresco, fabric, glass, stone, stoneware with gold inserts… An ever-expanding range that never puts limits on creativity and project freedom for those who work in this sector. Discover all the collections here.


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